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Octal Order Object & Strategy Trade Manager (OTM)

The Octal Order Object and Strategy Trade Manager simplifies trade management within TradeStation by providing a single window to manage all your trade positions either Automated and/or Discretionary. OTM gives you a global view of your trades either marcos or strategies and tracks positions in a quick and easy format. OTM also has built-in entry and exit objects or strategies so you can use OTM immediately in freestanding mode or in conjunction with existing TradeStation order tools. You can now exit your automated strategies and clear all pending orders with one click. OTM makes it so easy to have any combination of manual, automated and simulated entry or exits, even within one single symbol.


Octal Order Object & Strategy Trade Manager Overview

The OTM provides a single tabular format window to manage all your positions either Automated or Discretionary.

  • OTM gives you a global view of all your trading objects and strategies positions
  • Manage multiple trades from one convenient place.
  • Saves screen space by eliminating multiple matrix windows.
  • Combine and see all Automated, Manual and Simulated trading in one place
  • Note: The OTM Price Ladder is "Dynamic" not static. Once the price gets within 7 ticks of the top or bottom price it will reposition current price to the middle of the ladder. So, there is no volation of Trading Technologies® static ladder

OTM has built-in automated exit strategies and OCO like objects exit strategies.

  • Existing strategies now have dependable automated exits with just a few clicks.
  • It works with your automated strategies to easily change you position by scaling in, scaling out or covering all with changing market conditions.
  • When testing trading concepts you just develop the entry side and OTM gives you automated exits with just a few clicks.
  • When doing discretionary trading you can setup multiple exit strategies per symbol with just a few clicks.

OTM allows you to emergency exit your automated positions quickly and clear all outstanding pending orders.

  • It is no longer necessary to cycle the strategy to avoid the risk of pending orders by clearing with one click.

OTM tracks all strategy orders separately for a single market symbol.

  • Allows you to have multiple automated/manual strategies in a single market symbol.
  • You can now combine Swing and day trading strategies at one time for each symbol.
  • Tiered exits potentially reduces market risk and enhance profit capture with market volatility.

OTM works as a free standing entry platform for your discretionary trading plans with built in exits using Order Objects.

  • Simplifies position entry and management leading to more profits
  • Allows entrys to be market orders or several types of limit orders with just a click.
  • Makes emotional control easier by offloading manual tasks

It works with your automated strategies to assist if you ever decide to change the position on the fly.

Or it works as entry platform for your descretionary trading plans with built-in exits.

It helps with:

  • Object Order Entry for Limit or Market orders
  • OCO like Object Orders for exiting and managing descretionary trades using all in all out or 2 tier target and runner
  • Automated or manually exit automated strategies using all in all out or 2 tier target and runner
  • Manually entering automated strategies
  • View all open positions easily
  • System Testing
  • Strategy Simulated trading
  • Emotional Control
  • Plus much much more!

The OTM feels comfortable when trading. Even when trading several instruments at a time. I think of the OTM as my Trading Dashboard not just a "Trade Manager".

With all our clients large or small, OTG's commitment to full service IT relationship is what sets us apart. From off-the-shelf software solutions like the OTM, to custom software development, the OTG staff will be at your side.

Martin Rimes
Chief Marketing Officer